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Studying in higher education institutions, students are expected to look for accommodation themselves. Mostly students opt for cohabitation and hence prefer sharing a flat or an apartment. By this the costs of power, water, rent and other basic amenities are shared and prove to be cost effective. Average accommodation can cost around 280-400 euros monthly. Accommodation contracts are long term and short term contract options. Many prefer to stay in dormitories as they are cheaper options. They are important options for the freshmen, the first year students. University accommodations or dorms, are generally equipped with internet connectivity, laundry, drying rooms, play area etc. Laundry machines can sometimes require extra fee. Guesthouses, homestays are also the other options that students prefer. Some students prefer studios and that can cost 500 euros or even more. Generally it is cheaper to live in East Germany than in west. Shared flats and dorms give a ready opportunity to meet a lot of other international students and even German students.

Universities would normally provide assistance typically the agent details for rented accommodation. It is beneficial to stay in these as proximity to university is better, assistance easier and saves commutation time and money. Staying with the accommodation provided by the universities is wiser and help is easily available and within reach. Cities are smaller and university areas are not big enough in terms of area to house campus accommodation.It is important to start searching and book options available well in advance with the increasing demand. In the popular cities in Germany, student’s accommodation becomes an issue if not booked on time. Students normally get housing faster for summer semesters than winter ones.

Depending on the type of University and courses offered, the fees can range from 100-500 Euros per Semester to 10000 Euros per semester . Fees can be in form of semester contribution plus tuition fees. Public Universities in Germany offer free of cost education to even international students and hence Tuition fees are negligible. Students only pay for free passes, etc. Private universities fees can range from 1500per semester to 10000 Euros per semester.

Germany is the European Union’s most influential country. Germany’s Population has been on a decline and is 8 Crore. It is further reducing due to low birth-rate. Old population percentage is high and there is lesser youth in the country. Due to this Germany has opened its doors to the world and is slowly becoming the land of immigrants. It is world’s 4th largest economy and the largest and the best economy of Europe. A solid export oriented economy which electrical, mechanical and heavy machine industries. Most of the biomedical industry machines are manufactured in Germany. Some popular brands of Germany are Bosch, Siemens, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Bayer. Being a Global leader of science and technology it is no wonder that the engineers and science students from world over have Germany as their priority country for further studies.

  • Full name: Federal Republic of Germany
  • Population: 83,166,711
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Largest city: Berlin
  • Area: 137,847 sq mi
  • Major language: German , English
  • Major religion: Christianity
Big Cities:

Berlin, Munich , Hanover, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Erfurt

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