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Given below are a few pointers towards your long stay in New Zealand. Besides the basics, the guide includes other details such as climate, clothing to suit the seasons, transport and even tips on shopping and staying healthy.

New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere and so its seasons are in direct reverse to with other parts, in the northern hemisphere, know in India, UK or US. Weather is largely temperate: with temperatures that are mild, with a fair amount of rainfall and large periods of sunshine. The climate is influenced by the two main geographical features of New Zealand, via, the mountains and the sea. The average range of temperature (other than in the south which is much colder) is from a warm 20-30 deg Celsius to the cooler 10-15deg Celsius.

Every educational institute in NZ is duty bound to find accommodation for their international students if informed in time. The types of accommodation may vary from sharing with several students to single occupancy rooms. Living rooms and kitchens are shared, and as per students requirements and financial means, rooms may be en-suite or with sharing baths/toilet. Halls of Residence is popular with domestic students as well, so may get booked early or may often have deadlines for room booking. However, since pre-departure processes such as loans and visa processes take very long, it is always in the interest of the student to at least decide on what accommodation he would like and make a deposit on the room.

Universities usually have a Student Health Service team on campus consisting of doctors, nurses and even counselors. Since most New Zealand education institutions insist on international students paying their health insurance premium along with their tuition fee, the student does not have to take out any separate insurance. Many Universities prefer Student-safe University Insurance, an insurance provider for students. In this scheme, if a student requires treatment for any of the ailments that are covered by the policy, they visit their Student Health Service which provides them with a prescription against which those medicines can be obtained without payment. The Insurance provider is ‘billed directly’.

  • Full name: New Zealand
  • Population: 5,108,950
  • Capital: Wellington
  • Largest city: Auckland
  • Area: 103,483 sq mi
  • Major language: English
  • Major religion: Christianity
Big Cities:

Auckland, Wellington , Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Dunedin

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